I had been trying to meet Nova for about 4 years but it never seemed to work out, either I had to cancel or she was in a different city. Then she took a break from the industry for a while so I thought I would never get the chance to see this highly sought after lady. Finally on my most recent work trip to Melbourne the stars aligned and we managed to make it work, and oh my god I wish I had tried harder before to make it happen. She is a goddess. On first sight Nova is very attractive; tall slim and elegant. She looks like the kind of woman you would want on your arm at a high class event. But don’t let those looks fool you, underneath the elegance and sophistication is a wild and passionate lover. We went up to my room and had a glass of wine and get to know you chat. She is approachable and down to earth – surprisingly so as you would expect someone this attractive and elegant to be a little aloof, but that was not the case. After a while we started DFK and everything just flowed organically and naturally from there. Nova’s gentle demeanour does not translate to a tame experience in the bedroom. She is full of passion and clearly enjoys what she does and wants to ensure that you do too. I won’t go into details of the sex here, suffice to say that we did all of the normal things and she was VERY passionate. I would call it a dream girlfriend experience. A hot, totally uninhibited girlfriend experience. Nova has a perfect body. She is slim, lithe and long legged. She has luxurious black hair and soft soft porcelain skin, with a divine hourglass figure. I highly recommend Nova as a top class social escort and a dream experience in the bedroom. Thank you Nova, I won’t wait so long next time.

Tricky One

Nova Harte. Courtesan extraordinaire. If you are looking for a woman with sophistication, elegance and class then look no further. Upon my first encounter with Nova, I was completely smitten by her natural beauty. I recall thinking she might have been a Kiwi cousin of Famke Janssen. Absolutely gorgeous. As we conversed, I slowly became intimidated by this woman. Not in a bad way mind you, just her sense of confidence and maturity. She knew what she wanted in life and what she loved. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do on the weekend, let alone what I wanted to do with Nova. I mentioned earlier in a single statement, courtesan extraordinaire. She is the absolute definition of that, always being mindful of how I felt, what I did, and what I wanted. Only realising it at the end, I looked back and see she treated me like a prince, attentive to all my needs and what felt like deriving her own pleasure from mine. There was passion in her kisses and the way she would gently stroke parts of my body as we rolled around in the sheets. Nova wanted to be there and she wanted to be with me. It was the touches of lust from her hands and her eyes; it was like being in two places at once. To be honest, most of it felt like a blur. In only two hours, it felt like a lot less due to the subtle transitions of our time together. From the door to the couch. From the couch to the floor. Then her hand onto mine leading me to the bedroom. Looking back it was much like a dream experience. You remember the gist of what happened, all the good bits and the lasting impression. Nova Harte. Courtesan extraordinaire.


Tall, leggy, svelte; a body that every woman wants to have. She exudes confidence, elegance and grace. Nova is classy. She reminds me of one of those sophisticated French women you see in the movies. I have never been with a French woman in my life but if I had to guess what a French lady tastes like (mouth, body, every part you can think of) I’d say Nova would come pretty close (which is a bit of an anomaly as she’s from New Zealand). Again I could be wrong, but you never know! What I can and will say is that she looks the part at least. Nova seems to be the kind of woman that you’d want to take out to dinner, have a long hearty conversation with, open up your heart & soul to, complete with a romantic stroll through the park, a nightcap with some fun after; she’s essentially a companion to spend time with. Not saying that she’s not a tigress in bed because this woman had her moves too! There was a moment at the start when I thought that I was going to explode way too early when she was working her moves down there; some women have it and some don’t, and Nova definitely has it. She seems particularly adept with her tongue and mouth… The speed, the suction, the twists, the movement, the thrusts, the swirls, and the pure talent.


I’ve been thinking long and hard of how best to describe Nova, but no words seem to do her justice. She is sophisticated, smart, gorgeous, fun, sexy and most importantly she has a beautiful soul. But in reality she is so much more. I’ve only spent a few hours with her yet I feel like we’ve known each other for years. She has this uncanny ability to make men weak at the knees, with her smouldering eyes, body of a goddess and smile that will leave you breathless. And her kisses are to die for. I have to admit that I am completely smitten.

Happy Man

My girlfriend and I spent a sexy night with these two hotties. We were nervous as hell but they made us feel really comfortable in no time. The girls work really well together and took turns in pleasing me in a fun and playful way. They kissed me passionately and really made me feel like they were having just as much fun as I was. Lauren’s eyes, lips and ass did it for me whist Nova’a lean and sexual playfulness made my girlfriend and I have the hottest night we can remember. Thanks again girls!


Booked these beautiful women for my boyfriend’s bday and wow did they deliver! They were super sexy, but so warm and friendly.. they really looked after him and made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend the girls for a fun, playful night. Lots of giggles. Lots of steam. Lots of wow. Thank you Lauren and Nova xx #fantasyfulfilled


This is the second time I have had the privilege of spending some time with Lauren and Nova. A comment that was made in our last booking led to an idea. A few emails between the three of us and all too easily a plan was hatched and another rendezvous is organised. I flew into Melbourne’s CBD (I actually caught the train) and did my best to impersonate a handsome gentleman. Before too long these two beauties join me in my hotel room. A glass of wine, some nibbles and conversation, then the ladies excuse themselves. There will be no blow by blow, not even a brief description. Nova and Lauren know about pleasure, how to enjoy themselves, while ensuring you are as well. What I will say is if you have ever contemplated some shenanigans with two ladies, look no further than these two beautiful ladies. But I feel like I should add a warning; “These two ladies could be addictive”. Needless to say, I have already started planning our next encounter.


When Nova and I first spoke about me writing a review a small part of me wanted to keep these two beautiful ladies all to myself. But I know I should share a little of what is a fantasy come true. Allow me to start at the beginning; I have seen Nova a few times and I’m a huge fan. We have spoken about my desire to indulge myself with two ladies, so when I found myself ready to live this out, I contacted Nova. She suggested two friends she thought I would enjoy playing with. I decided on a Dinner Date with Lauren and an Overnight with Nova. A date was soon set, accommodation and a nearby restaurant booked. The day soon arrived and everything was confirmed; Lauren telling me stockings didn’t go with the dress she had chosen, but promised to change after dinner. We met at my hotel and then wandered down to the restaurant. Nova looked elegant in a blue dress, with her hair in braids exposing her delectable neck. Lauren is gorgeous and her dress was a tease of what was to follow dinner. The restaurant was wonderful; the conversation flowed, as did two bottles of wine. Then it was time to retire to the hotel for some shenanigans. I’m not about to go into detail, but when Nova excused herself when we entered my room, Lauren started the ball rolling. The sight Nova was greeted with, when she returned would have been quite erotic. Lauren then excused herself and as promised, soon returned in a stunning lingerie set. I will say this, “Nova and Lauren now how to please”. Some of the best memories are the ones you cannot share. Nova and Lauren is one such memory. I have already started organising another play-date with these two stunning ladies. Roll on 2017.


I’ve seen Nova several times now. That says everything important. Seeing Nova once only is not a likely outcome for anyone. Her choice of first name fits her perfectly, except perhaps it should have been Supernova, and she is thoroughly addictive. Addictive, and completely worth being addicted to. In describing her, I feel compelled to repeat that overused sentiment that her photos, gorgeous as they are, don’t really do her justice. You can tell from Nova’s photos that she has a slender but well-rounded model’s body. That is 100% accurate; her figure is superb. Everything is in perfect proportion, including her beautifully rounded bum and delectable natural breasts. What you can’t tell from the photos is how wonderful that perfection feels as you caress her, cuddle her, and hug her. I’ve experienced Nova in both GFE and PSE style bookings, and in both styles, those experiences have been fantastic. I’m not one for detailed descriptions, sorry, but as the sexiest girlfriend you can imagine, she is spectacular; a real lover of kissing, giving and receiving oral pleasure, and having amazing sex. Watching Nova in cowgirl is one of those life experiences, like seeing a famous landmark for the first time. When Nova is in PSE mode she really lives up to her name. She’s an absolute explosion of sensuality, and clearly loves PSE-style sex. When you’re not experiencing physical and visual ecstasy with her, she is also a genuine pleasure to spend time with; she’s a great conversationalist, and it’s very easy to get absorbed. I wish I was truly wealthy, I’d take her away on a holiday somewhere for the joy of her companionship as well as the pleasures of the evening and morning and maybe the afternoon too. I’m not, unfortunately, but I do recommend her as a really excellent escort, and completely worth spending as much time with as you can.


I met Nova a few weeks back in Hong Kong. She is very beautiful, much better than in the photos here. Had a very good conversation to start our date, she is very gentle, friendly and can engage in any topics with much ease. In bed she was totally different. Totally enjoyed the time with her, I was able to check some of the items in my bucket list that night. To say that Nova has challenged my preconceptions of having a wonderful time with a fine lady is a gross understatement. She has rocked me to my core.


After a couple of pretty average encounters, Nova Harte happens… Nova Harte is the seductive and erotic leading lady from every French movie you may or may not have ever seen. Based on other reviews, the experience I’ve had with Nova is not a one off. The energy was so highly erotic, the first 5 minutes in the room with her had already delivered such a valuable experience, that everything that took place from that point on could well be considered simply a bonus. There was little doubt the next hour was going to be one of the more memorable sexual experiences and I’m here to say, it definitely was.


I first spoke to Nova a few months ago after spotting her on Twitter & then on Scarlet Blue. After a couple of emails discussing Nova’s service and my desires, I decided I had to spend time with this lovely lady. Unfortunately, personal & financial circumstances stopped this from happening until last night. But the wait was well worth it. I kept in touch with Nova, on Twitter and emailed her when I was able to meet her. Anyway, the day finally arrives; I’ve bought a bottle of wine, a few nibbles and checked into my hotel room. Before I know it, Nova is downstairs and I’m in the lift; the heart-warming smile I score when the lift doors open tells me I’m about to start something I will never forget. Nova is gorgeous. When we get to my room, the nerves kick in. I have trouble pouring a glass of wine; my hand is shaking so much. Soon enough, after chatting, Nova has me relaxed. “Should we play?” Nova asks. I’m not going to go into a blow by blow of what happened. To say we had an awesome time together would be a huge understatement. I’m already planning our next rendezvous.


Nova is simply stunning. Let me just say that from the outset of this review. Nova and I connected via twitter. I found Nova to be an engaging, intelligent young lady. Nova had no immediate plans to visit Adelaide, so I made the decision that I really needed to meet her and was prepared to travel to Melbourne in order to do so. A date was set and the clock began to count down. Never having had a lady visit me at a hotel before, I was unsure what to expect. I am always nervous meeting a lady for the first time. The build-up for this meeting was long and I just wanted it to be special for both of us. I requested Nova to simply go for the girl next door look. Nova kept me informed as to her arrival time and sent me an sms once she arrived at the hotel. Well, when the lift doors opened and my eyes settled on Nova, all I could think was OMG. OMG, no girl next door I ever remember looked like Nova did. Taller than expected, denim shorts, heels and legs that went forever, and did I say beautiful. Yep I was sold. Totally stunning. Upon entering my room, Nova and I talked, laughed and enjoyed conversation. I couldn’t get Nova’s favourite flowers but what I got she loved. We shared Champagne, chocolate strawberries and whipped cream. Use your imagination because I am not telling. It was fun. What I was say is Nova has a perfect body. I loved exploring every inch of her, from head to toe. Treat Nova with respect and lavish attention on her and you are in for an awesome time. Sorry no blow by blow description of our liaisons is about to be revealed. Time fly’s past. Soon our meeting was at an end. We showered together, which was really just an excuse for me to get my hands on Nova’s body again. We parted shortly after much to my disappointment. I would love her to stay longer. I consider myself really lucky to have found Nova. She is indeed a rare lady. Top shelf indeed. There are not enough superlatives to describe what I think. I cannot wait to meet Nova again. Planning is under way for a future date and something special. This time in Adelaide. Nova. Thank you very much for our time together. You are truly wonderful.


I met with the beautiful Nova last week on my latest trip to Melbourne. What an experience! Let me tell you what a lovely girl she is. Nova was punctual and I took her up to the room where we sat and enjoyed a glass of bubbly. After this initial ‘ice-breaker’ Nova enquired as to what I liked. I informed her that I was a vanilla sort of bloke with no real particular demands but I did however enjoy kissing. Well. with that Nova suggested we get down to it and boy, what a kisser! Without doubt the best exponent of DFK that I have ever encountered. She didn’t attack me or gobble me right up, nor did she demurely open up and let me do all the work. She was strong and committed and it was a delightful experience. We gradually disrobed through this procedure and eventually made our way to the bed, where Nova proceeded to give an outstanding BBBJ. She had no trouble taking the full length (ok, so no big task for a little fella like me, nonetheless excellent job anyway). She is certainly a very talented lady. It took quite a deal of concentration not to lose my load right there but, as at my age I generally only get one shot these days, I wanted to keep it for later on. However, it is worth noting that this was amongst the top echelon of BJ’s and Nova is worthy of a strong recommendation on this performance alone. However, there was even more to come and magnificent it was! Nova has a body to die for, long and lithe with a splendidly firm ass. She doesn’t have the largest breasts in the business BUT they are natural and perfectly suited to her physique which she clearly works at keeping in top condition. And those boobs were certainly receptive to stimulation. Anyway, after she had finished draining me with a couple of my favourite positions (Cowgirl & Doggie) it was time for some relaxation and caressing on the bed as we chatted until the end of the session. Nova was in no hurry to rush off and even once the time ran out we continued to relax. She really is a very engaging person, lacking the artifice of so many WL’s with their obviously concocted stories of their life outside the game. This is not to suggest Nova isn’t switched on, au contraire! She was just delightfully witty, funny and open without ever compromising herself. It was this lack of pretension that so impressed me, ours was a business relationship and we were both able to openly acknowledge that fact without either making the other feel lesser for it. In the end all I can really say is that I heartily recommend Nova to any punter looking for an honest encounter (as much as that is possible in a WL/Punter relationship) with a girl who is currently at the top of her game. Clearly I will be seeing her again when I next return to Melbourne.


Nova is a classic beauty; tall, slim with perky breasts and an arse to die for, legs made to be looked at and wrapped around you and a toned body that is gorgeous to touch and a pleasure to view. Nova looks after herself for her own healthy purpose, but also for the mutual pleasure Nova provides and delivers. Dinner was planned and Nova provided a number of suggested gastronomical delights for me to choose from leading up to our date. On the day of our meeting we met in the bar for a quick drink and then on to dinner, where conversation flowed easily. Nova is articulate, intelligent, well read and funny. Nova is interesting and interested in you – an exquisite dinner companion. She dressed as a sexy nymph but not overstated and it is easy to see that Nova could fit in at any occasion or event. Nova certainly knows her way around the bedroom; she is a passionate and skilled lover who not only provides everything you could possibly want, but also enjoys the attention a woman deserves. Bedroom details should remain in the memories of those that partake, but I can assure you that Nova skills deliver in every way. Her passion, openness and genuine ability to engage will ensure a wonderfully sexy and unforgettable experience. Nova left in the morning on Australia day. A celebration began in the evening, and as we parted in the morning I reflect on the experience, and I know that the celebration has only just began for those of you who wish to experience a true beauty who is exceptionally acquainted with the bedroom and will please and tease you with great skill and attention. Out of this world, oh yes.


Witty, intelligent, incredibly sexy… I could go on. As fantastic as Nova looks in the images, it doesn’t quite do justice as to how stunning she is in the flesh. You also get the sense that the Nova you talk to is the real deal. There is a sense of honesty that Nova conveys that is very refreshing. She is incredibly sharp and witty and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with her. What came after was even more mind blowing. Nova knew exactly how to push my buttons and I was left thoroughly satisfied. I must say that I haven’t had that much fun in years and can’t wait for our next encounter!

Vegas baby Vegas

Contact with Nova was a delight. Once the date was set, which was swift I might add, we did have quite a conversation via text leading up to our time together. I have to say the anticipation of what was about to take place was high. Dressed in a blue dress, we adjourned to the couch with a glass of wine in hand to get acquainted. I wouldn’t say Nova is shy but she definitely isn’t an extrovert. Well in conversation anyway. Bedroom is a different story. That first kiss generally is the indication of the time to come and Nova has that covered. Standing her up, I slowly began removing her dress, and it was then I could confirm that her photos are 100% accurate and would be close to saying not airbrushed. Nova is completely natural, and either looks after herself very well or is naturally blessed. Her skin is soft as I kissed my way down after each piece of clothing was removed. After I had her completely naked, I laid her down on the couch to take the rest of her in. Nova is extremely responsive and genuine (the wet patch doesn’t lie) and it was to be the first time in many that I was to enjoy in such pleasure and later found out it was one of her favourite things. I was about to experience one of her others. After recovering, Nova managed to sit up on the couch whilst I stood. Removing the rest of my clothes and unleashing one of the more finer BJs I have had. She is no doubt extremely skilful and enjoys it: at times pulling me into her in order to get her fix. It was at this point where things shifted up a gear. Wouldn’t say PSE, but GFE gone wild. We moved to the bedroom where we both continued where we left off. We moved into 69 where we both could get enough of each other and we were both brought to the brink again. Nova had had enough teasing and wanted to move to the real action. Appropriately accommodated she jumped on top with vigour. She moved us through the positions each with their own level of excitement but there was no doubt the doggy was her favourite (maybe due to the full length mirror). I think we tried every position but never got to missionary, but never needed to before collapsing in a sweaty heap together. Nova cleaned up and went into the bathroom to freshen up. As I stumbled into the living room to catch my breath, Nova reappeared still with a devilish twinkle in her eye. She wasn’t finished yet. She cornered me in the kitchen. Pushing back against the bench she squatted and started working feverously on me again. It wasn’t long before we were back over to our trusted couch. This time there was no lying down as I indulged her in her favourite position again. Without a thought for the neighbours, we continued on each other until we were both absolutely spent. All in all I had a wild ride with Nova. She obviously truly enjoys sex and makes sure that you enjoy every minute with her. Our session only started to scratch the surface on Nova’s services list. Already plotting what new tricks I want her to unleash on me for next time.


I decided earlier this year to see a private girl without any reviews, to make it a real punt. With that plan in mind, I saw Nova in late Sept. Not sure where I first noticed her advertisement, but she has a great website and I like tall girls, so I thought that I would give her a try. I sent her the usual enquiry email, she got back to me promptly and we organised a 2 hour meeting a few days later. The following days flew by and before I knew it I was standing in a hotel room with one smoking hot woman, tall, slim with legs that keep going all the way to a perfect ass.Her photos and description didn’t lie. This lady oozed charisma and appeal, and we had a natural conversation that felt totally unforced. It had been a long day, so I excused myself for a quick shower to clean up. I came back to be greeted by Nova on the bed in some very sexy lingerie. I have no idea about lingerie brands, but this girl knows how to pick ones that made me stand immediately to attention! Somewhat unsurprisingly some passionate DFK followed, and exploration of that very tight body of hers. Nova has lovely natural perky breasts that responded well to both the touch of my hands and my tongue. At this point I couldn’t resist spreading those gorgeous long legs and heading further down south to get a taste of her stunning pussy, and my did I enjoy myself down there! At this point Nova decides that a bit of 69 is in order and with her oral skills, I found myself forgetting about her pussy and shifting position to give me the best view of her lips wrapped around my cock; it’s at this point that I couldn’t hold out any longer! A refill of the wine glasses and a further chat led to some more DFK, me getting excited, and round 2 kicking off a lot sooner than I had expected. The dom went on pretty early this round and we started in missionary, switched to a few other positions and finished up in doggy, which is my favourite, fucking from behind with the sight of that nicely shaped ass was an absolute pleasure and got me so excited that I came again. A bit of a longer break now and we go back to our earlier conversation, all be it now cuddling on the bed. I’m enjoying chatting while playing with her erect nipples on her firm breasts. At some point Nova asks if I’m ready for another round and I mention to Nova that I have never ever come 3 times in a booking and she smiles at me and says that there is always a first time for everything and that we are going to give it a red hot go. She starts by sucking gradually and bringing me back to life. At this point I’m impressed with myself (and with Nova!) for even getting hard again and I’m convinced that there is no way I’m going to come, but damn her lips and tongue feel so good and I decide that I wouldn’t mind a little more of her other lips so I motion for us to get back in the 69 position again. Now this is not a position I’m a fan of but this girl has definitely changed my opinion on that. I’m really enjoying eating her out, so much in fact that I barely have time to register that I’m on the edge and before I know it I have come for the third time. What a session. While the usual YMMV applies, for me Nova was the perfect GFE experience, and IMO great value for money, one that I will be definitely heading back to! FYI – cash gifts for Christmas this year thanks!